Corporate Values

At Neurogastrx, our mission is to deliver solutions that make a real difference for the millions of patients whose quality of life is affected by devastating gastrointestinal disorders.  Accomplishing our mission successfully requires constantly balancing complex aspects of business and medicine to bring most value to our stakeholders. It is our belief that we are nurturing the right attributes in our company culture to enable us to succeed.


We are driven by the conviction that even a small group of people can change the world. We are passionately striving to get the job done to the best of our ability. That means constantly refining our plans, looking for knowledge outside our walls, only accepting the most rigorous science, and strongly believing that the only way to succeed is to succeed together.


We certainly work hard while recognizing the need for a healthy work-life balance to ensure sustainable productivity. We have embarked on a journey and want to have fun along the way!



Remember, there are no observers; we are all active participants.

  • Each one of us is a core component of the company with an individual personality, knowledge and skillset. We support and complement each other.
  • Communication is key. We are inclusive of all people and all ideas, but we do not refrain from challenging one another on every level as necessary in an effort to produce the best outcome.
  • We share our knowledge internally and externally.
  • Ultimately, there is no individual success without team success first. Everyone is part of the solution.



Be bold, think fast!

  • In-depth knowledge, experience and clear communication facilitates expeditious
    decision making.
  • Focus on the long term and anticipate the challenges ahead. This allows better decisions
    now. Resolve issues efficiently. Be ready to defend your decisions.



When tackling a new challenge, a question that naturally comes to mind is how? At Neurogastrx, we are bringing together stakeholders and ideas to make sure we are able to answer a simple question: why?

  • What is the reasoning, what are the options, why should we make this decision?
  • Considering “why” brings context to our ideas and fosters robust buy-in for our proposed plans.
  • Being prepared to answer “why?” enables us to become a teacher, a mentor, a leader and ultimately, a better decision maker.



Our work is driven first and foremost by patient needs. Our field relies on rigorous science, and so do we.

  • We collectively and openly review and discuss our data.
  • We are all part of the interpretation and subsequent informed decision-making
    regardless of functions or titles.
  • We are thoughtful and careful decision makers focused on results.



We value, nurture and reward specific attributes in our team. Passion, respect, honesty and integrity are and always will be our core driving forces.