Gastroparesis (GP): A Severe GI Disorder

Gastroparesis: a disorder in which movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine slows or stops, and normal digestion may not occur.

NG101: A Novel D2 Antagonist

D2 antagonists are the most effective mode of treatment for gastroparesis but their use is often limited by CNS and/or cardiovascular safety concerns. NG101 has been designed to minimize the cardiovascular and CNS side effects associated with other members of this class.

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NG101 is a potent, selective and peripherally restricted dopamine D2 receptor antagonist under development for the treatment of gastroparesis. Neurogastrx has generated preclinical data indicating that in addition to its potent antiemetic properties, NG101 is also expected to significantly increase gastric motility, conferring NG101 an ideal pharmacological profile for the treatment of gastroparesis.


Million nerve cells line the GI tract


Million patients have gastroparesis in the US


% of treated patients are diabetic


Approved drug with black box warning and dosing restrictions