Neurogastrx, Inc. Patient Access Policy

Updated March 2023


Neurogastrx’s mission is to develop impactful therapies for patients suffering from serious gastrointestinal (GI) diseases. Neurogastrx believes that this mission is best served when patients have access to therapies that have been approved by relevant regulatory authorities following rigorous safety and efficacy testing.


Investigational products being studied in clinical trials have unknown risks and unknown benefits that cannot be identified and understood until the clinical studies are complete. Well-controlled clinical studies give clinicians, scientists, regulators, patients, and families the clearest and most rigorous opportunity to evaluate the risks and benefits presented by new therapies. The data generated from these studies allow for review by regulators and can inform clinical decisions regarding the appropriate care and treatment of patients.


Because of the importance of well-controlled clinical studies, and to ensure an adequate supply of our investigational products for clinical development, Neurogastrx does not make its investigational products available for expanded access at this time.


Accordingly, our investigational products are only available to patients participating in one of our clinical trials. Information regarding our current clinical trials can be found at Our Pipeline.  You can also obtain information about our studies at


This policy is subject to change. Neurogastrx will revisit the policy periodically and amend it as appropriate.


If you have questions regarding this policy, please email Neurogastrx at